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RaceChrono is a handy utility for measuring lap times, logging performance tests and engine functions.
The software uses the position information from your GPS receiver in order to get distance details. It can be used for any kind of sport to monitor lap times and improve track driving skills.
The program includes a library of over 200 tracks. The performance testing feature enables you to test the speed of your car or bike.


Download ✒ ✒ ✒ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ✒ ✒ ✒ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






RaceChrono Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free PC/Windows

– * Handy to measure lap times.
– * Log and analyze tests
– * 1000+ pre-defined tracks
– * Dynamic time graph of up to 16 laps
– * The ability to automatically calculate the track lap times
– * The ability to select individual time marks
– * A dynamic speedometer
– * A clock
– * Test your speed with different time limits
– * Test yourself against a friend
– * Statistic for up to 16 different participants
– * Player’s names and scores
– * Current, previous and average lap times for each participant
– * Detailed times overview
– * In-depth information of participants
– * Customization settings
– * Ability to log engine functions
– * Draw and export selected lap times
– * The ability to measure kilometers per hour
– * The ability to save lap times in Excel
– * Multi-language interface
– * A configurable warning bell
– * A configurable warning light
– * A configurable warning sound
– * A configurable vehicle speed limit
– * Offline availability
– * Numerous bugs fixed
Install Instruction:
1. Use a Windows Installer to install the program
2. Start RaceChrono.exe
3. You can now open the program from the Start Menu
RaceChrono Tutorial:
1. Install RaceChrono and run the software
2. Open the program
3. Start your vehicle
4. Try the features
How to use the program:
The software calculates the distance of a track in kilometers
1. Set your GPS receiver
2. Click on Track and press enter
3. The software will calculate the distance of the track
* It takes the accuracy of your GPS receiver into account
Note: For some GPS receivers it takes a little longer.
4. Select the tracks you wish to measure
5. Press start
6. The software shows you the current lap times for all participants
7. To start the test, press start again
8. You are able to increase or decrease the time limit of the test
The speedometer shows the current speed of your vehicle
1. Set the speed limit
2. Press start
3. You can also skip time before and after the speed limit
4. You are able to set the speed limit of the vehicle
You can log your engine functions to a file
1. Press the M button
2. Choose “engine functions” and press

RaceChrono Crack + Download For PC

KeyMacro can be used as a tool for keyboard control of a vehicle.
The software provides a keyboard driver for all types of car. You can record individual commands for each button. You can record complete macros. You can assign the commands to one of eight keys. You can launch your record from any key. You can play the commands back and review them. You can also get an on-screen display of your position and vehicle speed. 
Features of KeyMacro:
Built-in library of over 200 professional and popular car car tracks and trails.
Record and playback of over 200 commands.
Easy to use.
Load and unload of recorded macros from any key.
Easy to share your macros with other users on your network.
Create and edit macros with the easy to use Macros Editor.
Automatic switch to recording when switching keys.
On-screen display of speed and position.
System Requirements:
IBM compatible PC with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP.
Concurrent use of the standard and advanced drivers by more than one program.
KeyMacro is a software. You need an IBM compatible PC to use KeyMacro. You can buy the software on CD at the official website:
Free Download KeyMacro:
KeyMacro – Program Features:
KeyMacro is a software. You need an IBM compatible PC to use KeyMacro. You can buy the software on CD at the official website:
KeyMacro – Product Description:
KeyMacro is a software. You need an IBM compatible PC to use KeyMacro. You can buy the software on CD at the official website:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:
KeyMacro – Owners Manual:

RaceChrono With License Key Free Download [Win/Mac]

– Data collection
– Real-time lap times
– Logger
– List of tracks

Pilot-X a Professional GPS Tracking System for your car and/or bike.
Pilot-X is the best way to track your car, motorbike, bicycle, or a truck. Track your route on the map and get instant updates at any time.
With Pilot-X the driver and the vehicle are always together. The driver can follow the route and save his driving history.
– Driver-oriented GPS tracking system
– Driving history, map support and track analysis
– Driver data

TeacherLap is an innovative open-source solution for teachers to record their lesson and the students to review their work.
It is a Windows application based on the IMS (Interactive Mathematics System) engine. It has a graphical user interface (GUI) and some more advanced features.
TeacherLap is designed for teachers to record and store their lesson for each student.
– Note the various elements of the lesson
– Record as many notes as you like (up to 50 notes)
– Notes are displayed in the graphical user interface, in real time, on a student desktop
– The student’s programm (via manual link) can read the notes, perform calculations on them and see the instructions
– All notes are saved in the database
– Students can review their work on each page
– Teachers can edit the notes using the GUI
– Turn a note into a test for each student
– Mark the tests
– Mark the distribution of the tests
– Print the exams
– Visualisation of the tests
– Add new notes during the lesson
– Export and import the notes (custom format)
– Export and import the tests

A great but simple solution to document your GPS tracks. It’s nice and simple. The interface is friendly and intuitive.
TrackDoc is simple and very easy to use.
For more informations:

PocketTracks, by Apoxee Software, is a wireless and GSM/GPRS tracking system for vehicles and valuable objects, regardless of the geographical location. Its main feature is that the data is collected in real-time, no re-entry required. It is not necessary to use an internet connection.
Designed for companies, governments and individuals, it allows anyone to track the location of their car, truck, tractor, boat

What’s New in the?

   RaceChrono has a very easy to use GUI. You can also use the auto analyze feature in order to start calculating lap times.
        -Lap time calculation
        -Graphs for your lap times
        -Perf tests on your vehicle (speed, acceleration,…)
        -Engine functions (MPG, torque,…)
        -Lap counter
        -Hints and tips
        -Library with 200+ tracks
        -Many other features
        -GPS receiver
        -WinCE 3.0/CE 2.0
        -Windows 2000
If you like our software, please visit us on our webpage:


System Requirements For RaceChrono:

Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Vista (SP1)
Windows 7
1 GHz
128 MB Ram
1 GHz+
512 MB Ram
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