Phoenix Sid Extractor V1 3 Beta [REPACK] Download ⊳

Phoenix Sid Extractor V1 3 Beta [REPACK] Download ⊳


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Phoenix Sid Extractor V1.3 BETA-iND
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Array of floats to short

My program renders a mesh and I would like to simplify the output. Is there a way of doing this with fmod?
I have a mesh which looks like this:
float* vertices = new float[6 * 3 * 3]();

and I would like to convert it to a short* by doing this:
float* vertices_short = new short[6 * 3 * 3]();
std::memcpy(vertices_short, vertices, sizeof(float) * 6 * 3 * 3);

But when I dereference this array it seems to only have floats and when I fmod the array fmod(vertices_short[0], vertices_short[3]) it doesn’t seem to give the correct value. Is this because I’m copying it into the short array and dereferencing vertices_short?


Short arrays are not guaranteed to have any kind of initialization, except for zero-initialized, which are pretty much guaranteed to be filled with zeros.

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