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Whether you run resource-intensive applications on your laptop or like to overclock your computer, a temperature monitor is almost essential, as components can be damaged easily if left to run for too long at high temps.
Panzer Temperature Gauge MKI for XWidget is designed to help you keep a close eye on your GPU or processor, and it features a unique interface styled after WWII tanks.
Nifty temperature monitor that receives data from Speedfan
First of all, you should make sure all the required applications are available on your system. XWidget is needed to add the gauge in the first place, and you also need to install Speedfan, as the widget cannot obtain temperature data otherwise.
Unfortunately, however, it does not seem to be possible to select which component should be monitored. The highest temperature recorded in your PC is displayed, but things can get rather confusing if you wish to keep track of a specific reading.
Nice-looking widget that provides plenty of useful info
The gauge displays the current temperature of the hottest component via a simple dial, as well as a digital indicator. If the value increases above a certain value, the over-temperature lamp lights up, alerting you that your system needs to cool down.
The gauge can be resized and positioned anywhere on your screen, and it can also be locked in place or made partially transparent.
Additionally, a user-defined command is executed when double-clicking the gauge, making it possible to launch various applications easily.
Handy temperature indicator that still needs some small improvements
When taking all of the above into consideration, Panzer Temperature Gauge MKI for XWidget is likely to be very helpful for users who need to keep an eye on system temps and also happen to be tank fanatics.
However, an additional feature is badly needed, namely the option to choose which component should be monitored at any given time.







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While Speedfan has most of the features of other temperature monitoring tools, Speedfan’s interface is a bit more user-friendly than the typical GUI tools. The primary screen shows the fan speed, CPU, GPU, and memory (RAM) temperature, power supply, and voltage (in case you’re overclocking). It can also display drive temperatures.
The status bar displays the current fan speed, power, and temperature, with the temperature being one of the most important. Unlike other tools, which show you only a single, maximum temperature, Speedfan has a slider for you to change between the CPU and GPU, as well as a scale for each individual temperature.
Lastly, it can also monitor voltages and let you automatically adjust them as needed.
The widgets for Speedfan are all pretty similar, although they can be customized to your preferences and configured separately.
The maximum temperature is clearly displayed, and you can change the size to see the precise reading. There’s also an optional slider for you to control the fan speed.
Adding widgets to your Speedfan works by dragging and dropping them directly into the Speedfan widget panel.
Many widgets are pre-configured, but you can use the widget panel to configure them manually.

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Panzer Temperature Gauge MKI For XWidget With Keygen Free Download 2022

Panzer Temperature Gauge is the most unique temperature gauge available on the market today. It’s style is inspired by WWII tanks, and it shows the temperature of the hottest component in your system. The gauge is easy to use, and it allows you to lock it to one of your monitors, where it will always stay on your desktop.
The gauge can be fully customized to your liking, and it provides multiple graphical themes and alerts for user-defined over-temperature warnings.
Panzer Temperature Gauge is also the first and only temperature gauge that automatically detects and updates Speedfan’s daemon. This means you can place Panzer Temperature Gauge anywhere on your desktop, as long as you have Speedfan installed on your system.
System Requirements:
Minimum OS: Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7
Minimum CPU: Pentium 4, AMD Athlon
Recommended CPU: Pentium III, AMD Athlon 64
Recommended OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome
Video: Windows Media Player 8, QuickTime 7, RealPlayer, MPlayer
What’s in the Box:
Panzer Temperature Gauge: 9-digit LED display, minimalistic design
Extra User’s Guide (in PDF format)
Driver CD
Customer Support:
This item is provided by a third party.
Retail: $20.00
Warranty: 30 days
Warranty service: ProSupport

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What’s New In Panzer Temperature Gauge MKI For XWidget?

Panzer Temperature Gauge is a widget that shows a real time temperature graph of your CPUs, GPU, motherboard and even other devices such as hard disk drives.

Your CPU, GPU or motherboard temperature can be configured to display on top of your desktop or on your second monitor. The possibilities are endless.
With the widget you can also change the overall appearance of the temperature gauge with an advanced graphical editor.

It’s that simple. There is no software installation, no drivers to download. Just a little X widget which you can place in your panel or desktop and enjoy!

An advanced hardware monitoring tool, Tempmon presents you a clear view of CPU, motherboard and system temperatures in real time. It is useful for monitoring CPU and Motherboard temperature over time, comparing temperatures between two different configurations, running benchmarks and installing GPU profile utility like FurMark and OC-Jumper.

The application also provides the possibility of capturing and saving screenshots of the current temperature, so you can save all the important data into your hard drive and share it with others.

Valkyrie is an X Widget for users who want to track the temperature of their computer’s CPU, motherboard and hard disk drive, and display it on the desktop.

With Valkyrie, you can see the temperature of CPU, motherboard and hard disk drive, and also see how many cores and threads the CPU has.

It displays CPU temperature, memory temperature, hard disk temperature, and it can show CPU load, CPU Fan speed, and fan speed.

Valkyrie also supports the “Freeze” function and you can freeze the current temperature, so that you can easily check how much time it takes to have the temperature rise to your desired temperature.

The last, it has some pre-set options, like CPU Temperature, VGA temperature, CPU Fan Speed, CPU Fan RPM, CPU Fan Duty cycle, CPU Temperature display, CPU temperature up/down speed.

More features are to be added, and there will be new updates from now on.

Display the temperature of your CPU, motherboard and hard disk drive.

Provides three different view mode, temperature graph, flame graph and signal graph.

The program comes with its own graph editor.

View the current temperature of your CPU, motherboard, hard disk drive and the total system temperature.

Monitor the temperature, and record how many seconds it takes to raise the temperature to the desired value.

The icon can be moved and resized, and it can be put on the taskbar to get an overview of the temperature in real time.

Valkyrie supports the FREEZE function.

You can use Valkyrie on desktops, laptops and embedded devices, and use it in a scientific environment to test and validate the temperature of the hardware.

It is very easy to use. Just download and run, you will be

System Requirements:

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