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If you often work with image editors, then you’re probably used to all the trouble editing a few pixels can bring. Magical Glass is a small program that can magnify any area of the screen.
The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, making it very easy to handle.
You can activate the app with the help of a key combination. Until you learn which buttons to push, you can view the hot keys in the program’s settings area. Since the app resides in the system tray, it’s easy to gain access to the entire list.
The app lets you launch and stop the magnified at any time. It’s also possible to zoom in and out, increase and decrease the magnifier size, adjust brightness levels and capture an image with the help of the numeric buttons. They can be modified to any keys you feel more comfortable with.
The default magnifier size is of 256 x 128 pixels, but it can be modified up to full screen mode. The program can launch at system startup and show the magnifier on start, rather than wait for your prompt to display.
All in all, Magical Glass is a nice tool that can be quite useful to have installed on the computer. Less experienced users should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive interface.







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Magical Glass

Pro-Magical Glass (MAGICALG2)

Magical Glass Pro is the advanced version of Magical Glass. It provides 5-fold zoom, auto-scaling for different pixel screen types and camera-enabled capture. You can then edit your zoom image or send it to your favourite editor in any way you wish.
Pro’s one-click magnification of full-screen, any program or web page.
A log of past captures, photo “lenses” and magnification changes.
Pro’s 5-fold zoom level, auto-scaling for different pixel screen types and a camera-enabled “snap” capture.
A log of past captures, photo “lenses” and magnification changes.
Razor, Picture&Video and Photo Perfection Pro software included.
Magical Glass is the starting point for a range of powerful photo and video enhancing software.
It works with all Windows OS’s and delivers hundreds of options for changing, enhancing, removing, adding and editing all types of digital images.

With new features added, Magical Glass Pro version is worth a try for a professional photographer, graphic artist and photographer.


Tiny, Fast and Easy

Magnifier window runs in the system tray (at the bottom right hand corner of the screen) with the help of an icon in the system tray. It can be removed from the system tray by double-clicking on the icon in the system tray.

It is all about graphics, animation, animation and photo.

Magic-Glass is a mini version of Magic-Mirror Pro in one. This program is to magnify and preview a specific area of the screen with one click.

This is a powerful, professional photo enhancing software.

Magic-Glass (MAGICALG2) is a powerful, professional photo enhancing software. It is a free program for Windows and supports

multiple file types.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, Magic-Glass can suit your need.

MAGICALG2 is a powerful, professional photo enhancing software. It is a free program for Windows and supports multiple file types.

For more information about MAGICALG2, please visit

This is a professional photo enhancing software.

Magic-Glass is a powerful, professional photo enhancing software.

Now Magic-Glass is the professional photo enhancing

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Hotkey Combination for Macro recording and Editing.
Full description:
KEYMACRO is a programmable shortcut-key combination for Windows, which will help you perform a number of different tasks within your computer.
KEYMACRO enables you to record keyboard actions and see exactly what you type and how you use your keyboard. You can record for yourself, you can also give a copy to your friends and use them for their own benefit.
KeyMacro will also let you record the mouse. You can record one keystroke per mouse movement and compare the movement between the two videos. You can even reorder the keystrokes, so that you can move the fastest keystroke at the top of the list.
All recorded keyboard actions are also editable with KeyMacro. So if you need to change your keyboard layout or change some keystroke, you can edit it.
KeyMacro will help you to remember your keystrokes so you can use them in many other programs and tasks as well. You can make up to 30 different keyboard shortcuts.
KeyMacro will also help you to make your life a bit easier. You can assign a short keystroke to switch directly from a document to a search window. Or you can assign a shortcut for copying a whole file.
KeyMacro is not for the users who like to be in control of their own computer. KeyMacro lets you use your computer exactly as you want.
* System Requirements: Windows XP or higher
* Macro Video Recording (Only for Windows 8)
* Keyboard Speed Recording (Only for Windows 8)
* Record mouse (Only for Windows 8)
* Replace Windows Function key
* Save Macro configuration for next session
* Download shortcuts directly
* Add Macro shortcut by dragging and dropping on the toolbar
* Ability to share macro shortcuts with other users
* Save Macro Recording directly on the desktop
* Setting of the specific start/stop time of the record
* Improved mouse recording
* Ability to record keyboard macros using a scroll wheel
* Ability to play back macro videos with the scroll wheel
* Ability to play the record in the mouse window
* Ability to save the macros to external file
* Ability to save macro configurations for next session
* Ability to change the recording speed
* Ability to change the percentage of the time duration
* Ability to change the mouse speed
* Ability to change the keystroke delay
* Ability to change the delay

Magical Glass

The standard light of the computer is your first recommendation to use it. Users can adjust light intensity in the settings area of the program. When the computer is turned on, the first task in your computer is to increase the backlight. The screen is not fully bright to start, but it gets brighter over the time.
On the system tray, there are two shortcuts: “Magnify” and “Dim”. With the help of the hot keys assigned to them, you can launch and stop the magnifier, adjust its size or capture an image.
Activate the magnifier by pressing Alt + F9. You can also zoom in and out, increase and decrease the magnification size, as well as set a brightness level. The window displays the hotkeys you can use in the settings area. You can also click on the “Settings” button to customize the hotkeys.
To change the magnification level, you can use the numeric buttons. One can choose a value from 25 to 16000, or change the magnification size (up to 512 x 512 pixels).
All you need to take a photo is to click the “Capture” button. This way, you can open the camera app or select a photo from your device.
Besides, a useful feature in the settings area is that you can choose whether the magnifier starts up when the computer is turned on, or displays it automatically when the monitor is turned on.
You can also change the colors of the light and the background, select a custom resolution or select a third-party font.
Magical Glass is a program with a good functionality and a nice interface, although its power is low. Users who are quite comfortable with the system can make it the tool they use most of the time.

Best Security Programs to Block Malicious Software

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AVG can block malware with a simple click and lock down any malware that attempts to access your data. If you’re

What’s New in the Magical Glass?


Magic Icons lets you add all kinds of icons to your desktop in just a few easy steps.
The program supports multiple formats, from PNG to GIF to JPG and BMP. The interface has a simple layout with a nicely animated menu.
The app has five main features:
– You can specify the desired size for the icons, making it easy to add or remove icons.
– The list of icons is divided into categories, making it easy to find the desired icon.
– You can use two different view modes: horizontal and vertical. In the latter, a simple double-click lets you change the icon size from the default.
– You can also apply your own background color and transparency for your desktop icons.
– The first launch screen lets you choose the icon type and icon size.
The program comes with a complete list of supported icon formats and can display icons in a different size on one screen at once.
The app also includes a help file with detailed instructions and info on how to install and use the program.


CorelPad is a program that can be used to easily create a customized desktop.
The program offers a free trial version which lets you try out the program before you purchase it.
It’s possible to select various themes and apply them to all of your icons. The program also lets you edit the wallpaper, apply the desktop background color and set the window title bar color and button style.
You can also drag the icons on your desktop and move them to a different location. You can also use the special key combination (CTRL+ALT+K) to activate the desktop.


Designs You Could Have Imagined is a simple program that makes it easy to create your very own desktop.
The app can be used to create a variety of desktop themes. With a single click, you can apply the theme to any of your icons and even apply the theme to your entire desktop.
The program includes a variety of themes, and they are divided into categories:
– Color themes
– Textures themes
– Font themes
– Look & Feel themes
Each theme includes a list of icons, as well as instructions to download them.
The program includes a help file with detailed instructions and a large number of icons for you to download.


Paint.NET is a powerful photo editing tool.
The program lets you save any image as a BMP file, adjust the image contrast, brightness and saturation and apply a variety of filters.
The tools include the levels slider, curves, a histogram, a hue-saturation-lightness-color-preset selector and the basic selection brush.
The program lets you save the finished image as a JPEG or BMP file. You can apply the setting changes in your document, but you can also use the

System Requirements For Magical Glass:

DirectX®11 (Xbox® One)
OS: Windows® 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or newer
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 (2.4 GHz) or newer
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD HD 6850 or NVIDIA GTX 460 or newer
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 (3.4 GHz) or newer
Memory: 16 GB RAM

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