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Drivers Log Crack

■ Filter data to add, modify, or remove search criteria, such as a date, mileage, type of expense, or address.
■ Add, edit, or delete vehicle records from the database.
■ View reports and lists quickly.
■ Display more vehicle information than in previous versions including:
– Colors of the vehicle
– History of major repairs or maintenance service
– Mileage – Distance traveled and travel cost
– Tax and insurance
– Inspection and Safety information
– Purchase Date
– Loan or lease amount
– Vehicle Type
– Subscription status
– Manufacturer
■ Review the history of vehicle changes or repairs to see what you were charged.
■ Click a vehicle record to view details of the vehicle, or click the History button to open a window with a listing of all vehicle modifications or repairs.
■ Generate a driver’s log report by customizing your chosen filtering parameters.
■ Support a total price including items that may be charged in different currencies.
■ Change a report’s title and header, and set the number of rows displayed in the report.
■ Customize a report to list only “Recent” vehicle records, “Recent Records” in a particular state, “Total Mileage” in a particular state, or “Total Total Mileage” in a particular state.
■ Add reports to the list of “Print Reports” to generate on the fly.
■ Add a “Currency” column so that you can see the dollar cost of repairs and services.
■ Generate reports that only show mileage, cost, or both by simply changing the filtering criteria.
■ View the “current year” / “total cost” / “total mileage” report of your vehicle to see where you are spending the most money or where you are really driving.
■ Increase the number of reports you can have in “Recent”, “Total Mileage”, “Total Cost”, “Total Mileage & Cost”, or “All” categories.
■ Add data to a report or print report by selecting data columns and click the Add Data button.
■ Displays the list of vehicle options for quick data entry.
■ Generate reports in different states of different filter criteria, or generate reports for specific states to show you where you spend the most money or have the most miles.

Drivers Log Free Download [Mac/Win]

*As seen on the ImTOO home page
*Remove junk by deleting all old calendar data
*Quickly define junk date from your PC desktop
*Supports all real PC languages and date formats
*Windows95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 R2
Important note:
*This utility is freeware. In addition to licensing information on the Programs menu, the README file contains the following important information:
*My Driver Log is free and it contains some functionality that other Drivers Log Crack For Windows programs don’t. For example, a feature called “Trip Journals” lets you record every activity you do with your vehicle, either for personal use or business use. The trip journal feature stores all of your activities, both personal and business, in a journal file that you can download to your computer. There’s also a “canned trip log” which can be used as a shortcut for entering your expenses.
*My Driver Log saves the expenses to Excel spreadsheet. This format is easy to use and print.
*My Driver Log shows the data in a calendar format which makes it easy to see what you have done and what you need to do.
*If you receive the error message “no space left on device” while trying to install the program, try uninstalling some programs from your computer and installing this program again.
*Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 R2 require a 64-bit operating system. If you are using 32-bit operating system, you may get some of following problems:
*The default setting of 16 days to retain data won’t work with the application. To enter days to keep data, please check the Settings option on the Programs menu.
*The calendar feature in the program doesn’t work with Windows Vista.
*My Driver Log may crash while the program is running. To prevent this from happening, please turn off your computer and restart the program again.
*”I want to remove junk” function may malfunction due to the screen lock settings on your PC. It is recommended that you deactivate the screen lock so as to unlock the screen.
*File entries are created in the folder where My Driver Log is installed. To install the program anywhere else, please move the folder to the installation folder.
*Some features may not be supported in this version of My Driver Log. Please contact us for the latest version information.

Well, it’s out! I’ve been using this for a

Drivers Log Crack+ Activation Code Free Download

Drive is a program that will keep your car information organized so that you can pay your car payments and keep track of all your auto expenses. This program is not just for those who drive a car, but for those who own other vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, or any other motorized vehicle. The information in this program can be kept in a secure location in a database that you can access from any computer. In addition to car-related expenses, this program will manage receipts, expenses for businesses, and other expense information for motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, or any other vehicle for that matter.
Main features are:
■ Separate cars or other vehicles from personal expenses.
■ Data filtering
■ Reports
■ Graphs
■ Customizable views
■ Save reports in a variety of formats.
■ Import data from PDAs that support Microsoft Excel.
■ Files can be exported to Word documents (RTF), Excel documents (XLS), Acrobat files (PDF), or HTML.
■ Saves report information in multiple file formats.
■ An unlimited number of vehicles may be entered into this database.
■ Multiple databases may be entered in this program.
■ The program automatically creates reports from your vehicles information.
■ Track both personal and business trip expenses, including tax deductions.
■ Keep track of maintenance for your vehicles.
■ Keep track of loan and lease payments.
■ An unlimited number of files can be kept.
■ View Reports
Drivers Log is only available for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.
Here are some screenshots from the program:

Q: How do I keep my vehicle and all its records organized in Drivers Log?
A: Each vehicle has a profile, which can be edited and updated with new data. The vehicle profile will hold information such as model style, color, purchase date, insurance provider, et cetera. Any other information that is related to that vehicle can be added to the vehicle profile as well. Within this profile, other information such as receipts, expenses, maintenance, loan/lease payments, and mileage can be stored. This data can be organized within the “Data/Reports” folder of the profile.
Q: Can I use Drivers

What’s New In Drivers Log?

Drivers Log lets you organize ALL your vehicle expenses / activities in one easy-to-use program. If you can create a vehicle profile, Drivers Log can organize its data for you. Drivers Log is a software that allows you organize and manage your vehicle data.
Here are some key features of “Drivers Log”:
■ Supports an unlimited number of vehicles per database. Multiple databases are also supported.
■ Holds general information about each vehicle including model style, color, purchase date, insurance provider, et cetera.
■ Itemizes accessories purchases including such optional necessities as safety chrome!
■ Monitors fuel consumption, mileage, and costs.
■ Maintains a list of all maintenance services done on the vehicle.
■ Documents loan / lease payments, registration, title, insurance, and other related items.
■ Tracks both personal and business trip expenses, including tax deductions.
■ Organizes and links scanned receipts with their expense record for instant retrieval when needed (for instance, when your $200 exhaust tips melt like a jiffy pop container and you need a receipt to get them replaced.)
■ If you have a digital camera, the Trip Journal View will allow you to organize your memories!
■ Imports fuel log and trip expense information from PDAs that support Microsoft Excel.
■ Saves report information in multiple file formats including Microsoft Word documents (RTF), Microsoft Excel documents (XLS), Adobe Acrobat files (PDF), or HTML files.
■ Customizable views with grid layouts and data filters.
■ Shows data in graph format so that you can see how your vehicle is performing and where your money is going!

My PC could be described as simple. I have Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.86 GHz processor, 3 GB RAM and ATI Radeon HD 4670. I like to keep my machine

Latest version is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Please read before downloading:

Downloading, installation and execution are 100% free. We do not collect any data from you. There is no hidden advertising.

We can accept donations, to cover the expenses of server hosting and payment processing. Please, send a donation. Thank you!

1. Please note that Drivers Log allows you to create a single database for multiple vehicles, and to use multiple databases. If your data is split among several databases, you can update all the databases at once, or one by one, from your profile.

2. Some situations may require synchronization (updating a vehicle profile) when you import a new transaction. That happens usually when you are at work and use another computer to pay or

System Requirements:

Windows 7
Windows XP
MAC OS X 10.6.5
Star Planet
Fluid and Co.
Core Content 4
Mechanic Series
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